Tefi Valenzuela returns to the networks after Eleazar Gomez’s attack

After it had been announced that Eleazar Gomez was detained and had already been transferred to the South Men’s Preventive Prison for having beaten and trying to hold his girlfriend Stephanie Valenzuela, now the model has returned to her social networks.

The events unfolded after both enjoyed a romantic dinner during which the actor asked the singer-songwriter to marry him. At dawn on Wednesday, the residents of Valenzuela heard the young woman’s screams for help and gave her shelter until the police arrived.

After Eleazar was arrested and admitted to prison on Friday, this weekend the Peruvian returned to her networks while recovering from the assault and her injuries with a photograph from the past.

“I share with you this photo from a couple of months ago once I adopted Cumbia,” he said, about his dog. “I didn’t skill nicely it might be to be her mother, on days once I feel bad or sad like today, she always encourages me,” wrote the model next to the image during which she appears hugging her pet.

“Thank you for therefore much affection, I would like ed you to ascertain me smiling because I want to be that way soon, I’m a really strong woman and that I know that I buy up from this. I like you ”, he concluded. Read the latest Celebrity, business articles On

Immediately, his followers on social networks sent him many messages of affection as a symbol of support. “You are a gorgeous warrior”, “Much strength for this precious moment. I will be able to cuddle you from afar “,” Forces Tefi, it’s painful to understand what went on to you, everything is going to be fine, a robust hug “,” tons of strength. you’re a robust woman! ” Where a number of the messages the Peruvian received.

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