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How much YouTube pays for views?

Knowing how much YouTube pays for views will help those who are thinking of starting a project on YouTube, to make an estimate of the costs and profits that their venture will entail. Some YouTubers and successful channels on YouTube receive millions of dollars thanks to the large numbers of reproductions that their videos generate, and having a channel is seen as an attractive opportunity for many content generators. Therefore, it is not surprising that how much YouTube pays for reproductions is one of the most frequent queries regarding this platform.

However, appearances can be deceptive. There are also many YouTubers who, after uploading content, find themselves with a disappointing outlook when verifying the amount of income, they are generating. The causes of this failure are usually twofold: either the content is not attractive enough to go viral, or it is aimed at a market that generates little income. In this article, we will focus on the second point.@ the best payment gateway for online payments.

How the income paid by YouTube is calculated?

How much YouTube pays for the ads in our videos is calculated based on what is called RTB (Real-Time Bidding or Real-Time Auctions). Advertisers configure their ads by indicating how much they are willing to pay for each click or play, and each time a user plays a monetized video, a “competition” occurs and the ad with the winning bid is displayed.

Because the price is set by auction, there is no set amount per play or number of plays. The price is set by the advertiser, not YouTube, and is decided “on the spot.” However, it is also possible to make an estimate, which we will see below.

Another of the frequent doubts in relation to this issue is whether it is possible to buy reproductions for our videos, in order to significantly increase the number of views in the counters and thus supposedly have more income. At first glance, services like Buy YouTube video Views seem attractive to promote our videos.

How much YouTube pays

There is a correlation between the markets and the amount of profit that YouTubers receive. In other words, our income will vary significantly depending on which audience visits our videos. A channel visited by users in Latin America will generate less revenue than a channel visited by users in the United States, simply because the advertisers are different and the size of the economies is different. In this case, the ratio in amounts is roughly 1 to 10.

To be more specific with monetary values, it is convenient to refer to RPM (Revenue per Thousand Impressions or Income per Thousand Impressions). A thousand views from users in Latin America will generate around $ 0.1, while a thousand views in the United States will generate approximately $ 1 in revenue. The proportion is maintained for the euro and the pound: a thousand European views, 1 euro, while a thousand British views, 1 pound.

These are average and very general estimates since there are countless factors that affect these amounts. Of course, for an advertiser, it is not the same to advertise for users in New York as for users in a small city in the interior of the United States.

Language is also an important aspect that indirectly affects how much YouTube pays. In general, a channel in English will generate far fewer views and will go viral less than the English Channel, as there are fewer users searching and viewing the content in English.

The trick of buying reproductions

But any reproduction purchase service will be more expensive than the potential earnings that we can obtain from the ads, and the reproductions obtained through this means do not come from real users.

Either way, these buy 50 YouTube subscribers services are sadly used even by famous YouTubers, as we have shown in our article ” The YouTube accounts that buy the most fake views and subscribers “.This is because, by significantly increasing the number of views of a video, the YouTube algorithm considers it “more important” and will tend to promote it by suggesting it more frequently to users.

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